A magic ingredient in staff happiness and brand loyalty

When it comes to choosing staff workwear for your business, not just any old uniforms will do. Well we would say that, wouldn’t we? But we have our reasons – and they’re pretty compelling.

From a customer point of view, the benefits of great workwear are pretty obvious: smart, stylish uniforms reflect well on your business and create a consistency that’s both aesthetically pleasing and convenient, making it a whole lot easier to identify who’s staff and who isn’t.

But scratch the surface of workwear psychology and you’re likely to find a group of people who are even more keen on great uniforms than customers are: your staff.


Happy campers

If you’ve never given much thought to the effect your company workwear could be having on how employees feel about working for you, you’re probably not alone – but you may well be missing a trick.

Studies show that employees enjoy wearing uniforms that are practical and comfortable when compared to their non-work clothes – and unsurprisingly, many of them are also just grateful not to have to think about to wear for work each morning!

But more importantly, great workwear helps staff feel like part of a team and reinforces your brand in their minds, creating a common identity and purpose, as well as an emotional connection with your business.

Your staff are ambassadors for your company and not only does their appearance have an impact on brand perception, but how they feel does too. You want employees to look smart, presentable and instantly recognisable as staff, but you also want them to feel good about working for you – because that feeling radiates out of them every time they speak to customers.

Workwear is one of the best ways to improve your internal marketing, engaging your staff, helping them really feel like they’re part of something and encouraging them to ‘live’ your brand, rather than just work for it.


Your secret weapon

So how do you bring out that enthusiasm and engagement with your brand? It all starts with a better quality of workwear. Your staff deserve nothing less than stylish, great-quality clothes to make them look and feel great at work and take pride in what they do.

It isn’t about all looking the same – there are plenty of ways to customise and personalise uniforms to express diversity and individual personality. Take the time to find the perfect balance between corporate sophistication your customers expect and casual, comfortable clothing your staff feel at home in.

While uniforms can help your staff better visualise that they’re part of the team, it’s the quality of those uniforms that makes them feel truly valued – and this in turn helps contribute to a positive workplace culture that your customers will pick up on, too.

All of which brings us back to where we started: your customers. With happier, brand-loyal staff to serve them in smart, stylish workwear, they’ll be a more satisfied bunch, too.

To boost brand loyalty and show your staff you care, order from us today.

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