Workwear to
change perceptions

Workwear to
change perceptions


We prioritise style that boosts morale and unites people with a collective sense of pride.


Our collections promote productivity through comfort: Comfort that facilitates movement, feeds confidence and fuels creativity.


The responsibility we feel to the environment sees us sourcing materials through only ethical, sustainable and fair-trade supply chains.


How Did It All Begin?


Hi, I’m Claudia.

People often ask me about the circumstances that led up to the launch of C&S and now SHIFT.

My answer is always the same: A passion for design and an attraction to the vibrancy of the hospitality sector compelled me to start designing workwear.

The story began when I spotted a gap in the market for comfortable, stylish workwear that boosted mobility and morale. Roll forwards 7 years and C&S has grown! 2019 saw an exciting move to London and the launch of the UK arm SHIFT. We’ve also added new lines of workwear and expanded our collections that will bring a contemporary touch to any restaurant, café or hotel.

However, it’s not just the company that’s expanded over the years. Our devotion to helping the planet has grown too.

A deeper understanding of the implications of clothing production is driving us to want to do more:

More to promote sustainability through the materials we choose, and more to improve the ethical credentials or our supply chain and distribution.

At SHIFT, we are dedicated to working with you to help build a more sustainable future for hospitality; as well as a thriving business through the comfortable and stylish workwear we provide.

Enjoy browsing through our collections and selecting the dream combination for your brand!



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