Where style meets Substance

Where style meets Substance

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SHIFT. affordable hospitality workwear garments are comfortable and hard-wearing. We recognise the need to make shiftwear pleasant and enjoyable to wear. SHIFT. chooses sustainable materials but ensures that style credentials aren’t compromised.

Whether you have a small team, a larger group or a catering team, we have the perfect solution for you.

Our Knowledge

We know there’s often a compromise with sustainable clothing. Not ours. We’ve delivered on all fronts so that you can stand by your own green decision-making. Our products last can be customised and personalised and have fair and reasonable pricing.
We know that not everyone likes to wear a uniform, but when it is necessary, our aim is to create and produce stylish yet comfortable clothing that every member of your team will love to wear.

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Our Commitment

Committed to Global Organic Textile Standards.
Committed to Ethics: We work exclusively with manufacturers with high ethical standards.
Committed to People: Our manufacturers pay proper salaries, provide good working conditions and have proper workplace infrastructures in place.
Committed to change: We want to change the way workwear is perceived and ensure it is produced sustainably and responsibly.

Our Support

We are also a UK-based business located in Surrey, meaning that the carbon footprint of all of your items is kept as low as possible. We are also committed to improving our ethical credentials and keeping every stage of the process as sustainable as possible, from our material suppliers to our supply chain and distribution.

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If you have any queries about our products, customisation or fit, don’t hesitate and contact us:

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