Letting you in on the secret behind our prices

If you’ve ever bought – or even just researched – workwear before, you’ll probably have a good idea of what it might cost to buy.

But do you know what it costs to make? That’s not quite so easy to find out – and let’s be honest, retailers like to hold their cards very close to their chests so they can sell you products with huge mark-ups.

That’s just not how we roll at SHIFT – we believe in being transparent with our customers. For us, that means selling you great-quality products with the lowest possible mark-up and making sure the price point you see isn’t a huge exaggeration on the amount it’s cost us to buy our raw materials, have them made into high-quality clothes and then transported to you.

We’re not about great big profits; we’re about stylish workwear made and produced honestly.

Fair’s fair

All this transparency is great, but it isn’t the thing that makes the final difference to your bottom line – that’s down to pricing. So is it actually possible for great-quality workwear not to cost the earth? We think so.

If you’ve had a poke around our website already, you’ll know that sustainability and ethics are important to us – we take pride in choosing sustainable fabrics and manufacturing them with a conscience.

And that conscience extends to how we price each item. The way we make our products is fair, and our prices are too. Fair to our suppliers, fair to the people who make our items and fair to you, the customer. Our items aren’t dirt-cheap – because no good-quality item that’s ethically made ever could be – but they’re never over-priced, either.

So you might find yourself surprised at how reasonable our prices are when you look through our website, but don’t be – we really do believe in quality items at the right price for everyone involved.

Looking to the long term

It isn’t just that you can buy high-quality workwear at a reasonable price – it’s that when you do buy high-quality workwear, you’ll spend less over time.

We all know opting for cheap-as-chips workwear is a false economy – what seems like a canny financial decision now won’t feel so good when you’re replacing or repairing your uniforms before you should have to.SHIFT clothes are designed and manufactured to last, taking the pressure off the purse-strings in the long term as well as the here and now. Not to mention long-lasting items are more eco-friendly, too – and we know you take the environment as seriously as we do.

If you have any questions about our pricing or how are products are made, please get in touch as we’d be happy to answer your questions.

Or if you’re ready, order from us today.



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