Workwear to
change perceptions

Workwear to
change perceptions


Quality Materials

The greatest design may look excellent on paper. But can destroy the look, if the pattern, material and manufacture don’t get equal attention.

We put great care into developing patterns that move along with the people who wear them.

We put great effort in sourcing the right material for the right item.

Not every material works for every piece, and the environment where the clothes are worn has a big impact on how the material will look like over time.

SUITINGWOOL or WOOL/Recycled PolyesterMachine Wash, Low temperature max 30˚, Hang to dryThis composition has all the benefits of a perfect suit. A natural stretch as you walk or run and comfort when you sit for one hour - or several.
CHINOSCOTTON and Cotton BlendEasy care, Machine Wash, Low Temperature, Hang to dryWhen wearing our Chinos, you will feel the comfort and flexibility of our cotton and cotton blends.
SHIRTSSUSTAINABLE COTTON Easy care, Machine Wash, Low Temperature, Hang to dryAll our shirts are made with optimal comfort and easy care in mind. You actually want to run a marathon wearing them.
POLOS and T-ShirtsCOTTON BLEND, max 2% ELASTANE (This is our only percentage that is not sustainable)Easy care, Machine Wash, Low Temperature, Hang to dryPolos and T-Shirts are made with a blend making them feel soft and breathable.
APRONSCOTTON CANVASEasy care, Machine WashOur aprons are either giving the hard-work image or the easy wear, This depends on the item you chose and the style you are after.

The performance of your clothes is directly impacted by the environment they are in as well as how they are laundered and cared for. Factors that determine the lifecycle of your clothes are:

  • How often the clothes are washed.
  • The condition of the water used – e.g. the amount of salt or other damaging elements that are in the water.
  • What washing detergent are used – even mass market “colour safe” detergent can remove the colour with regular and repeated washing.
  • How often and how long clothes are exposed to sunlight form both regular wear and drying.

Considering the above elements we recommend for clothes to be worn 2-3 times a week a lifecycle of 6-8months, at which we would recommend replacing the items.

All our suppliers are Oeko-Tex 100 or GOTS certified. Two brands that guarantee the exclusion of toxic products for the body and for the environment (in the manufacture of our textiles).

Much have we heard about poor working condition and explosion of cheap labour. This topic is very close to our heart. We do our outermost possible to ensure that all our items are manufactured in the circumstances in line with SHIFT.’s Values and Philosophy. This is an ongoing process and not one you can tick off on a “to do list”.

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