Durable Designs

All our designs are made to last!

Sustainable Materials

We careful select the materials for our products and make sure no harmful components are used.

Ethical Supply Chain

Our partners are sustainability focused businesses and are OEKO-TEX, BSCI or GOTS certified.


Sustainability Report

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The hidden benefits of SHIFT. uniforms

There’s a clear focus on high street and online fashion brands when it comes to sustainability and transparency in the supply chain. At SHIFT., we know that this is just as important for the workwear industry.

As a responsible brand, we feel that can’t wait for demand for sustainable workwear to dictate our decision-making. That’s why we only work with responsible, sustainable suppliers that can evidence employment best practice and quality materials and dyes that don’t harm our planet.


The World Can’t Wait

Are we going to solve everything all at once? No, but we can set the example and set the tone so that responsible, green-orientated businesses have an option that lets them buy better.

Rather than go through a cycle of supply and demand issues – do we wait for you to demand what we know we can supply? – we decided to seize the day and create something so you can shop smarter now.

Small steps, giant leaps

What if we all set out on the journey together? What if we make small changes and take small steps forward at the same time?

Sustainable aprons are not going to change the world. But, they’re kinder to the planet and – let’s be very clear about this – we will be paying people down the supply chain a fair wage.

Saving the world? Over time. Changing lives? Now.

Be being more thoughtful about our decision making, our purchasing and our waste, a little really can add up to a lot.

To analyse how we came to our conclusions, we created three pillars that we could focus on.
After all, three IS the magic number.

…And, this is what we’re all about!

Both our Mission and our Vision are based on these three pillars:

Durable Designs

You need to know what every penny of your workwear budget is buying you.

When it comes to designing products, durability is for us always a key priority. Not only does it save you money in the long run, but it reduces your waste and promotes sustainability across your business. However, creating durable designs requires attention to detail across a number of factors like material, construction techniques and user requirements.

Durability is especially important for the uniform industry. The stress created in the material through frequent washing and intense wear and tear has to be taken into consideration when designing pieces for our clients. Many things may look stylish and chic on paper, but does it work hard enough in the environment it will be used?

At SHIFT., we factor durability into our designs from the moment we start the process. Design durability is influenced by various factors that must be taken into consideration. These elements play a crucial role in ensuring the longevity of our designs. For all of our products, we have opted for timeless patterns and styles as our clothing will stand the But test of time.

Material quality, construction techniques and maintenance and care are also all essential considerations when designing durable products. Additionally, incorporating innovative ideas to enhance functionality and usability will ensure that products remain competitive over time.

It’s important to focus on aesthetics, but it is critical to consider how well the design performs in its intended function without compromising safety standards or comfort. By prioritising both form and function equally across development, we achieve a truly enduring design solution with lasting value for our clients.

We must manufacture better products!

Sustainable Materials

Know the Origin

Know your products, know your impact

Knowing the origin does not just mean that you know the product has been manufactured somewhere you trust. Know the Origin means that you know where the raw material comes from, where it’s been combed, spun, twisted, dyed and woven.

In the manufacturing industry, we talk about tiers. Processing the raw material takes place in Tiers 2 and 3. Tier 1 is where the final product is made. Many brands just disclose the first tier in their process, but that means anything could be happening in Tiers 2 and 3 of the process. As you may imagine, it’s not always easy to find out, with many suppliers and manufacturers involved. We try our best to source our products from a producer directly and bring it to a manufacturer we know. We work with specialists in sustainable manufacturing processes, who help us to identify and evaluate our options. We believe it is important that you know all about this, so you can assess products and purchase with knowledge.

Know the Material (garment tractability)

It’s complex, trust us! Do you know that organic textiles are less impacting on the environment than non-organic?

1. No Harmful Chemicals: Organic textiles are produced without synthetic pesticides, insecticides, and fertilisers. This helps prevent water and soil contamination, promoting a healthier ecosystem.
2. Reduced Water Usage: Organic farming practices may use less water compared to conventional methods.
3. Biodiversity Preservation: Organic farming encourages biodiversity, which is crucial for maintaining a balanced and resilient environment.
4. Healthier for Farmers: The absence of harmful chemicals in organic farming creates a safer working environment for farmers. This is essential for the wellbeing of those involved in production process.

All these factors are important, but they’re only a part of the end result. We also need to work on better quality materials so that the products last longer and we all need to buy less.

Know the price.

It is a common misconception that sustainable and transparent products come with a hefty price tag. This couldn’t be further from the truth! By ensuring our supply chain is clean and free of multiple middlemen, we can offer fair pricing to everyone. At SHIFT., we have taken it upon ourselves to cut out wholesale entirely so that you can access top-quality garments made at an affordable rate.

We firmly believe in transparency – we’ve got nothing to hide! We want you to know exactly what your money pays for when purchasing one of our pieces. It’s not just about looking good; understanding how much goes into creating each garment will help you appreciate its true value even more.

Undoubtedly, there is an alternative that won’t cost you as much as our products. In settings where products are frequently replaced, due to wear and tear or high turnover rate, it may seem pointless to spend extra money on top-quality items for your exceptional team! However, we firmly believe that the amount of investment directly correlates with how efficiently your team operates and how well they represent your brand in front of the  clients they serve. Therefore, ask yourself: which identity do you and your brand want to embody?

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Ethical Supply Chain

Our Partners

Our designs are proudly crafted in the UK and brought to life by our manufacturers in Turkey. We collaborate closely with a team of product developers that specialise in sustainable practices to ensure our processes align with high ethical standards. Our partnerships with all of our partners extend beyond just business transactions; we prioritise building long-term relationships based on mutual respect, rather than solely focusing on pricing decisions.

Furthermore, education is key for us. While we strive for our own growth, we also aim to share knowledge and expertise within our network. By working together, we can achieve excellence when it comes to finishing quality and consistently meet or exceed your expectations.

Transport from there to here

As all of our manufacturing partners are based in Europe, we use land transportation as our go-to for delivery. We maximise production, where we can, to ensure transport is as efficient as possible. This is why we don’t set unrealistic lead times to our clients. We work in an industry where urgency impacting lives in a destructive and damaging way. Collectively, we can do better.


We carefully select the packaging of our products. We evaluate what is important for each garment, to keep it fresh and clean, while reducing as much packaging as we can. When you make an online order from us, it will most often arrive in POLLASTIC™ packaging or cardboard boxing (sometimes we even reuse our boxes). Our packaging partners, Better Packaging Co., rescue plastic pollution from coastal communities and recycle it into POLLASTIC™ instead. How cool is that?!

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We’re full of ideas and inspiration and are working hard to turn them into projects with real impact. We’re able to share a few of the things that we’re working on and we’ll have more to share with you soon.

We do our part. Can you do yours?

By purchasing from us, you’re already making a conscious decision to buy better and do better. You might be doing better than you realise! Here’s what else we’re doing to make a difference…


We already use the most sustainable way available right now to ship our products to you. While this still creates carbon emissions, we’re actively working on a solution to offset the emissions created by distribution without adding additional costs to you. We’re not there yet, but we’re hoping to have this in place for the end of 2024.


We are nowhere near done and have got a growing list of topics that we’re getting ready to take on:

– Supporting the people
– Drycleaning and caring
– Innovation
– #revolution


Thank you for supporting us, our path, and the future….


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