Sustainable workwear: You. Us. The Planet.

As a business owner, how far up on your ‘list of things to worry about’ is sustainable workwear?

Ok, if the ethical credentials of your staff’s aprons have failed to make it to the top of your concerns right now, then you can be forgiven. There are staffing issues, profit margins and pandemics to worry about after all.

Do the right thing

However, none of us can afford to turn away from our responsibility to ‘do the right thing’ when it comes to the way we run our affairs.

This is because, if media reporting is anything to go by, the demand for sustainable goods and services is on the rise and has been for some while and people are voting with their wallets as a result.

So, when a customer asks ‘what is your business doing to prevent further damage to the planet’, it’s most definitely preferable to have your answers to hand. Otherwise things might turn a little awkward – and your business might lose revenue as a result.

It’s definitely best to be prepared, don’t you think?

We’re prepared.

So, with that in mind, we’d like to turn the spotlight on SHIFT.

We’d like to explain more about the work we’re doing as a business when it comes to responding to the environmental crisis.

Just like you, we need to keep costs down for the sake of our customers – and deliver outstanding quality at the same time.

But we also know that – if you’re thinking of partnering with us – you’ll want to know that we’re doing as much to protect the planet as we can.

So, here are some ways in which we are delivering more sustainable products to our customers, which should go some way to reassure you:

1. Longer active life

One way we are bringing about positive change is that we only deliver quality work clothing that is designed to last.

Having to replace uniforms or protective garments too quickly not only puts pressure on your budget but it also harms the environment.

For us, that means making better fabric choices and sourcing clothing products that are easy to clean without causing wear and tear. This is all without compromising on quality, comfort or style.

2. Fabric choices

We’re pretty sure you already know that cotton can be a sustainable, biodegradable fabric option if it has been ethically produced. So, we do our homework and take care to choose garments that originate from conscientious suppliers.

If we use polyester, then we make sure clothing is made from recycled plastic that makes it more sustainable.

Cleaning is also an important part of creating a sustainable product.

Because of the fabric choices that we make, all our clothing can be machine or hand washed and does not need to be dry cleaned. As a result you won’t need to sully your brand by involving your business in a process that uses harmful toxic chlorinated solvents.

It’s something that is often overlooked when choosing workwear.

3. Manufacturing

One of the key areas of improved sustainability is choosing the right manufacturers. This is one of the biggest challenges for the industry because of the number of suppliers that are involved in the process.

At SHIFT, we work only with companies that comply with our high ethical standards. That means they also have to be transparent about who they subcontract work out to, where these factories are based and how they treat their workers and manufacturing processes they use.

4. Pricing

Pricing is a key driver behind bad practice in most industries and is responsible for corner cutting, low wages and a host of other ills.

At SHIFT, we believe being transparent about our prices is not a choice but our responsibility. We pay fair prices for our products so that manufacturers then pay fair remuneration to everyone involved in the supply chain

5. Shipping and transportation

One final factor that affects sustainability is how our goods are shipped. The steps we take here include drastically reducing the amount of packaging we use and working with logistics companies that do everything they can to optimise delivery and reduce carbon emissions.

Hand it over to us

Okay, we acknowledge that the production of sustainable yet stylish workwear might not be as high up on your agenda as it is for us here at SHIFT. After all you have own unique industry and business concerns to contend with.

Yet, if you do decide to partner with SHIFT you’ll soon come to realise that ticking the ‘sustainable workwear box’ can actually be a no-brainer – because we will do the worrying for you.

So, if you are planning a green business revolution any time soon, you might want to give us a shout or simply, order from us today.

We’re not perfect, but together we can make a difference.

We are looking forward to working with you and helping you to become more sustainable.

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